Welcome to the John & Charles Wesley Center for Christian Thought and Apologetic.


“Unite the pair so long disjoined,
Knowledge and vital piety:
Learning and holiness combined,
And truth and love, let all men see…”

Charles Wesley penned these words in 1763 as part of a hymn to be sung at the opening and dedication of the Kingswood School that he and John founded. In them the focus, motivation, and mission of the John & Charles Wesley Center for Christian Thought and Apologetics is captured and artfully expressed.

We welcome you to the JCW Center and are excited for what God is doing and will do in and through our new endeavor. As a Christian collective of scholars, pastors, and lay persons who want to think deeply about the faith, live fully the life of Christian discipleship, and be equipped for ministry in the 21st century.

Our vision for the John & Charles Wesley Center is to become a global resource for Christians as they navigate the cultural milieu of post-modernism, secular thought, and the increasing nihilism which is confronting the Church today. We invite you to become part of this movement by visiting this website often, using our published resources, and praying for this mission.

The original “Wesleyan revival” was a movement focused on truth, not just for the Church, but for the whole world. We intend to stand in that same heritage.

Thank you and God bless,

Isaac Blakemore

Executive Director of the John & Charles Wesley Center, Inc.

Rev. Isaac Blakemore
Rev. Isaac Blakemorehttps://isaacblakemore.com
Executive Director of John & Charles Wesley Center. A sought after speaker, his research focuses on the interface of science, philosophy, and religion.