The John & Charles Wesley Center exists to articulate, promote, defend, and support the contemporary witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through scholarly research into the meaning of Christian orthodox theology and its Scriptural foundations in light of the Wesleyan tradition and to provide resources that strengthen 21st century Christians in serious discipleship, confident faith, and fervent ministry.

John & Charles Wesley Center, Inc. is an independent ministry in partnership with Wesley Biblical Seminary.


Knowing Reality (Episode 1)

Is it possible to know objective truths? In this episode Isaac Blakemore

Welcome to the John & Charles Wesley Center

A greeting from Isaac Blakemore, Executive Director of the John & Charles Wesley Center

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Why Should We Care about Theology? The Significance of Wesleyan Theology for the 21st Century

Given all the monumental problems of the modern world, why should anyone get energized by the idea of doing theology?  Theology and...

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