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The John & Charles Wesley Center exists to provide a contemporary witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ out of the Wesleyan tradition that articulates, defends, and promotes Christian orthodox faith and its Scriptural foundation and to create resources to strengthen the discipleship, faith, and ministries of 21st century Christians.

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I Need the Church

Forget the Magic

Children Are Blessings

The Myth of Self-Care

Most Recent

God’s Providence Over Jesus and God’s Providence Through Jesus

Think about all the ways that God's providence watched over Jesus and his birth to fulfill prophecy.  First, since one of the earliest of...

What Are We to Do When We’ve Met Jesus?

Sunday January 2, 2022 was the Ninth Day of Christmas and the Sunday before Epiphany, which is the day associated with the revelation of...

The Consecration of Jesus

Today is New years Day (2022), and it is the eighth day of Christmas.  Because the gospel of Luke tells us that Jesus was...

Resolution for Revolution and Renewal

How do we live and use our time?  That’s the question that many people ask themselves at the end of the year.  Here we...

He Was Born So You Could Be Reborn

John 3:16 is well known in the King James translation: “God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever...



Christ in Culture

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