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Op-Ed Guidelines

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, it must be exclusive to the JCW Center. Your article should be a strong argument about an issue in Christian thought and/or culture. And it should not be a response to a JCW Center article; that is a letter to the editor. For an idea of what we are looking for, read the JCW Center’s editorial page on a regular basis.

We prefer that the submission be between 400 and 1,000 jargon-free words, submitted as the body of an email rather than an attachment. For articles longer than 1,000 words, we will consider submissions if they are scholarly in nature and include all sited sources (either footnoted or endnoted). A cover note giving a brief summary of your article should be included along with the author’s day and evening phone numbers.

We will contact authors on timely articles that are of interest to us as soon as possible. Otherwise, due to the large volume of submissions, for articles that we are not able to use, we will respond within 10 business days. Again, due to the large volume of submissions, please do not call to confirm receipt or check for a status until 10 business days have elapsed.

All op-eds should be directed to our Editorial Team, at If you are responding to an article that has been published through the JCW Center, please send your comments to Isaac Blakemore, the Editor at Large, at

If we accept your article, you will be required to sign a contract giving us exclusive rights to it for 30 days after publication.

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for your interest in the JCW Center.

Thank You,
Isaac Blakemore 
Executive Director and Editor at Large 
The John & Charles Wesley Center