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JCW Center online courses are taught by JCW Center fellows and special guests and are patterned after the education offered on the university and graduate school level. They aim to provide students with an education that pursues knowledge of the highest things, provides insight into the nature of God and man, forms character, contends for the Christian faith, and creates disciples.

Christian Apologetics

The Christian Apologetics Program runs from September - May (with multiple entry points).

The JCW Center Christian apologetics program is an intensive multi-faceted course that challenges students intellectually, by grappling with key questions relating to culture and the Christian faith, and personally, through practical training in spiritual formation, evangelism, and applied leadership.

Our Christian Apologetics curriculum has been designed to provide a holistic form of training that combines academic and practical teaching. These lectures include Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Theology, Philosophy, the Historical Jesus, Science and Religion, Comparative Religions, and Contemporary Culture. The practical side of the curriculum incorporates instruction on discipleship, evangelism, spiritual formation, and applied leadership.

Students enrolling at the JCW Center can expect to be challenged both intellectually and personally.  You will receive training that enables you to both think critically, but also be enabled to have a deep and lasting impact within your local community or ministry.  Enrollment is open to anyone throughout the September-May period. Studying through the JCW Center will provide you the opportunity to gain wisdom and insight from learning within a multi-national community that is united by a love for Jesus and a heart to boldly live out the Gospel.

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  • The John & Charles Wesley Center exists to provide a contemporary witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ out of the Wesleyan tradition that articulates, defends, and promotes Christian orthodox faith and its Scriptural foundation and to create resources to strengthen the discipleship, faith, and ministries of 21st century Christians.

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